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Arbitron Releases 2010 Network Radio Today


Report shows national advertisers how network radio can build audience reach quickly and efficiently across the U.S.

COLUMBIA, Md., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Arbitron Inc. (NYSE: ARB) today released its 2010 Network Radio Today, a national profile of network radio and its listeners.  The report illustrates how network radio can rapidly build audience reach for advertisers who are targeting different demographic and socioeconomic groups.  

The radio listening insights are drawn from the Arbitron RADAR® radio network audience service, which measures 53 individual radio networks operated by American Urban Radio Networks, Citadel Media Networks, Crystal Media Networks, Dial Global Radio Network, Premiere Radio Networks, United Stations Radio Networks, and Westwood One Radio Networks.

Reaching 74 percent of all radio listeners every week, network radio offers advertisers convenient access to a national audience.  Network Radio Today profiles this audience and  provides advertisers, agencies and radio networks in-depth information about how these radio listeners spend time with radio each week.  

Highlights from the 2010 Network Radio Today report include:

  • Network radio reaches nearly 77 percent of the coveted persons aged 25 to 54 demographic and approximately three quarters of persons aged 18 to 34, a demographic group that is traditionally regarded as possessing significant spending power.
  • Network radio goes everywhere – approximately 61 percent of network listening is out-of-home.
  • Nearly two-thirds of network radio listeners have some level of college education and more than a quarter of all network radio listeners have a household income higher than $75,000.
  • Network radio reaches approximately 79 percent of full-time working adults with children under the age of 12, a key demographic for many advertisers.
  • More than eight out of ten African-American adults listen each week to network radio, which reaches black men and women equally.
  • Nearly three-quarters of the nation's Hispanics, age 12 and older, listen to network radio each week.

"Network radio can benefit advertisers who are looking to strengthen their brand identity among well-define demographics and socio-economic groups across the country," said Bruce Supovitz, Director, National Radio Services for Arbitron.  "The Network Radio Today study is just one part of Arbitron's commitment to giving agencies, advertisers and radio networks information and insight into this unique medium."  

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